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So you think this Drupal4Gov thing is pretty cool and you want to get plugged in?  Great!  We are always interested in adding more folks into the community. 

Sign up for our Google Group and/or email list to get plugged in.

Drupal4Gov/Drupal GovCon Email List

Use the form in the sidebar to join our email list.  The email list is used to share information with the Drupal4Gov community on webinars, half-day events, and the annual Drupal GovCon.

US Government Drupalers Google Group

To be a member, you must be:

  1. A Government Employee (state, local, federal, international, provincial, etc...)
  2. A contractor, sponsored in by a Government Employee
  3. Quasi-governmental [case by case basis]
  4. Actively volunteering (with evidence from a government office) on a government project (local, state, regional) [this is a case by case basis]

Membership is restricted to these 4 classes with the explicit agreement that no member may SOLICIT the list for work. Members can include the contractor they work for in their signature line, but no mention of the costs for services at that provider. 

This group is intended to be a place for the free and active exchange of ideas, problems or solutions and not to assist in the increase in revenue for any company.

Violators of this policy will be banned from the group.

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In addition to receiving all the discussions in the Google Group, you may also opt to read and respond to them from our website on the Discussion page. 

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